Trucking   Litigation

DOPF, P.C. routinely and successfully defends trucking companies in the following types of cases:

Accident Litigation – We defend claims of personal injury and property damage that have allegedly resulted from trucking accidents.

Insurance Coverage Disputes – We represent companies in disputes over insurance coverage, including declaratory judgment proceedings, inter-company arbitration and uninsured motorist proceedings.

We represent both trucking companies and their drivers in cases brought in federal and state courts. Additionally, our firm has a great deal of experience with appellate work and is able to handle any appeals that prove necessary.

How We’re Different

We distinguish ourselves from other trucking litigation firms in the following ways:

  • Experience – The Trucking Litigation practice is headed by Marc J. Lust, a veteran attorney with over 28 years of trial experience, including over 50 jury trials brought to verdict. Marc personally oversees all trucking litigation cases.
  • Efficiency – When appropriate, we attempt to dispose of low-exposure cases quickly and inexpensively. As a result, we are able to offer you cost-effective representation.
  • Litigating To Conclusion – We take verdicts. We’re not just litigators. We’re seasoned trial lawyers who are comfortable going to court and litigating cases to conclusion.
  • Witness Preparation – We have a great deal of experience and expertise preparing truck drivers to testify in depositions and in court. We know how to help them avoid being cast as “villains” by plaintiffs’ attorneys.
  • Client Communication – We take client communication seriously and will keep you informed of the status and exposure of each case on a regular and timely basis.

To learn more about how our firm distinguishes itself, please read the Litigation Strategies and How We’re Different pages of our website.


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