Medical   Malpractice   Litigation

DOPF, P.C. defends doctors and hospitals in claims of medical malpractice in both state and federal court. 

Medical malpractice has been a focus of our firm since its founding and, to this day, much of our caseload is in this area. 

Few other firms are as experienced, as successful, or as well regarded in the field of medical malpractice defense.

How We’re Different

Our firm distinguishes itself from other medical malpractice defense firms in the following ways:

  • We Involve Physicians Early On – Years of experience confirms that doctors who are involved in their defense early-on are most successful. As a result, we urge our clients to participate in nearly every step of their defense including attending plaintiffs’ depositions and, sometimes, jury selection.
  • We Communicate Effectively – We know how to explain complex medical concepts to jurors using language that they can understand. Additionally, we are very effective in using demonstrative evidence such as medical models and custom medical illustrations to explain why we are “right.”
  • We Challenge Their Experts – We have a reputation for vigorously cross examining plaintiffs’ expert witnesses on both medical and non-medical issues. In preparation for this, we conduct exhaustive research into the backgrounds and previous testimony of plaintiffs’ “experts.”
  • We Challenge Economists – We have had success in aggressively challenging the economic damage claims made by plaintiffs’ economists. In doing so, we have often been able to cast significant doubt upon the credibility of the plaintiff’s entire case and to limit jury awards when liability does exist.
  • We Are Empathetic – Medical malpractice lawsuits are often traumatic events in the lives of physicians and other health care providers, affecting them both personally and professionally. We are sensitive to the emotional needs of the people we defend and help them deal with their stress in preparation for a successful trial.

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To learn more about how our firm distinguishes itself, please read the Litigation Strategies and How We’re Different pages of our website.

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