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DOPF, P.C. has years of experience defending individuals and employers within the construction industry in a variety of liability claims, including:

Personal Injury – Claims resulting from bodily injuries that occur on a construction site.

Property Damage – Claims resulting from mishaps on construction sites (e.g., fire, flood) that cause damage to adjacent properties.

Our clients include a variety of companies and organizations within the construction industry, such as general contractors, construction managers, property owners, subcontractors (e.g., electricians, carpenters, ironworkers, plumbers), and development companies.

How We’re Different

DOPF, P.C. distinguishes itself from other construction defense litigation firms in the following ways:

  • We’re Aggressive – It doesn’t matter whether a case will likely settle or go to trial – we use an aggressive approach for every matter.
  • We Have A Solid Reputation – Our reputation precedes us in the courts of New York State. The opposition always knows that we’re willing and able to bring any case to trial – and fight it to conclusion.
  • We Possess Medicolegal Expertise – Our attorneys have a very strong background in medicine, stemming from our roots as a leading medical malpractice defense firm. Our medical knowledge gives us a clear advantage when defending any case involving personal injuries.
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  • We Use Small Teams – For most cases, a partner and an associate follow the litigation from beginning to end. In doing so, we are able to provide you with the most cost-efficient use of your resources.
  • We’re Up To Date – We remain in the forefront of legal strategy by closely following trends in labor law, such as case law and recent legislation.


The “Recalcitrant Worker” Defense in Labor Law § 240(1) Lawsuits

By Martin B. Adams

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